Dr. Kevin Keller


Dr. Kevin Keller graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 1992. He completed the Options for Animals chiropractic course with Dr. Newman in 2000-2001. He has practiced veterinary medicine/surgery in Parksville for the past 15 years, and was an owner of the Bellevue Vet. Hospital for the past 10 years. Dr. Keller has practiced animal chiropractic since 2001 on dogs, cats, and horses.

Kevin was recently married and is moving to Victoria with his wife, Michelle, and horses, Jag and Tia. In his spare time, he enjoys playing hockey, golf, hiking, and camping. Kevin has enjoyed coaching women's hockey in Nanaimo for the past 6 years. He is looking forward to a new chapter starting in Victoria
" Thanks for everything. All of you are great and I am so happy we have you to take care of our pets. I LOVE that you can do lab work there. That is really great. "

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