In loving memory of our patients who have passed away. If you would like to submit a memorial please contact us.

Chloe, May 2010

As of today, Chloe has found a peaceful resting place. Bridget and I will miss her very much. She was a feisty lab with “attitude” until the end.

Thank you so much to the wonderful Doctors at Hillside, especially Dr. Newman and Dr. Chan, and the caring staff for all the kindness and love that you have shown Chloe in the past.

Darlene Hall


Norman P. Cat, May 2010

Recently we had to say goodbye to our beloved pet and friend, Norman.

We wanted to thank everyone at Hillside Veterinary Hospital, especially Dr. Borwein, for their kindness and understanding and for helping us get through a very difficult decision. He gave me 18 wonderful years and we will miss him dearly.

Thank you again,
Mike Delsey

Daisy, June 2011

Daisy was your patient for several years, and every visit was a gentle experience for her. She was a nervous little animal and visits to other vets were stressful for her. But even though she knew her final visit to you was grieving me, she was relaxed. I received the beautiful little urn of Daisy's ashes on Monday, and the paw print of clay, and once more I am astonished at the delicate way that you have managed what for me is a very sad time. Please accept our profound gratitude.

Yours truly,
E.D. Pamela Brown



Keisha, July 2012

Today we had to say good-bye to our beloved Keisha. She saw me through some of the hardest times of my life, and also through some of the happiest. Many thanks to the supportive staff at the Hillside Vet Clinic, especially Dr. Vermeulen for her gentle kindness and quality of care, and Dr. Abrioux who performed a surgery that gave Keisha an extra few months of quality life. The last months of Keisha’s life were full of playing, sitting in the sun, chasing cat treats, and lots of cuddles and love. Keisha – we miss you.

Roberta Press


Sofia, October 2012

Said goodbye to our beloved Sofia today. She was our best friend for 14 years and will be in our hearts forever. Thanks to all the doctors and staff at Hillside to helped in her care. A special thanks to Karen who kept her young and limber in her older years. She will be greatly missed.
Lucy Courteau

Sam, October 2012

We sadly had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Sam.  We know in our hearts that we gave Sam a good life. It was just a very difficult decision for us to make. But we didn't want him to suffer in any pain. Instead he went peacefully. I want to thank the doctor who helped us when Sam was very ill. Sam will be dearly missed.

Dan & Debra McIntosh
Leo, February 2013

There's something missing in our lives now.  You feel it day and night.  I know it will take a lot of time and strength before things begin to feel right.  Though some may say, “it's just a pet,” we all know that I have lost my best friend and constant companion.  We had so many adventures together and Leo brought so much joy and peace to not only to me but to all those who met him.  Everyone wanted to meet him, hold him, and have their picture taken with him.  It didn't matter who you were or whether it was a patient in the hospital, kids at the school, or a person on the street, he made everyone smile in his little doggy world.

So many friends and playmates with so many tears  for you my gentle little giant.  I know that you just wanted to make everyone happy and for that we all thank you.  Your energy and spirit will live forever in our hearts and especially mine.  Hugs and kisses Baba!!

Sincerely, Sherry Auger


Bunny, May 2013

Bunny was rescued as a baby from the UVic campus in June 2006. She has been the spoiled princess in our family ever since. She had visited the doctors at Hillside Veterinary Hospital during the past 7 years for health checks, teeth trim, and x-rays. Even though it was't her favourite place to visit, the doctors have taken good care of her. Thank you. Bunny left us on May 29th at the hospital. It's going to be hard not having our furry family member around the house, but we hope she is doing well in bunny heaven and having new friends to play with and lots of her favourite junk foods to nibble on. We will always love her and miss her.
The Yu Family
Robbie, October 2013


Abby, December 2013

I am writing to express my gratitude for the care my cat Abby received.  My regular vet was closed for the holidays and I am fortunate to have come to Hillside.  Abby was very sick and was seen by Dr Jane Vermeulen.  When Abby seemed more ill and uncomfortable the following day, you again fit me in and I was grateful to have Dr Vermeulen see Abby.  The clinic was very busy. All the staff at Hillside were fabulous.

It was determined that Abby was very ill and I made the decision to put my girl to rest.  I was given privacy and the time that I needed.  I was not rushed even though it was end of day.  Thank you Dr Vermeulen.  You were compassionate, non judgmental and professional.  Your gentle way and kindness meant the world to me. It is a sad time, but Abby is now at peace and so are we.

Ellen Tarshis
Morris, October 2017

With saddened hearts we had to say goodbye to Morris, the gentle giant who gave his love to the end.

Morris was a rescued cat, started a hard life, but that didn’t stop him from showing love and tenderness to those that truly cared for him.  Sadly due to several illnesses this gentle soul had to leave us.  He will live forever in our hearts and minds and will never be forgotten.


Ki-Som Dempster

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