Travelling With Your Pet

Summer is prime time in Victoria to hit the road, jet off to the airport, or sail away on the ferry for a well-deserved holiday. 

Now more than ever our furry family members are joining us on our adventures, but sometimes travel can be more complicated than it seems.  When hitting the road, it’s easy to forget simple things like collars and leashes, poop-bags, crates, food & water, bedding, and medications.  It’s wise to travel with a basic pet first-aid kit, as well as pet friendly shampoo in case of accidents or the occasional mud puddle. And don’t forget – never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle, even with the windows down.  

More and more hotels are permitting pets to stay along with their family members, but be cautious; hotels can vary widely in their degree of 'pet-friendliness.’  Inquire with your hotel if there are additional fees, pet size, breed, or number regulations, and what other services are available for pets.  

Your summer holiday may take you south of the border to the USA.  Your pet must be healthy, and have proof of a current rabies vaccination.  Canada/USA border control may have additional regulations depending on many factors, so it’s important to check the current rules online through the CFIA website.

If you’re traveling with your pet on the ferry, your pet must remain on a leash or in a carrier and stay on the designated pet-friendly deck.  See the following link for more information. 

If your adventures include air travel, be aware that this can be very stressful for our furry friends.  Ensure that your pet is healthy prior to air travel, and be certain to check travel regulations with your airline well in advance of your travel date.  Air Canada and WestJet have specific rules to follow when traveling with pets – see the website links for more information. 

If you decide to leave Fido or Fluffy with a pet sitter or kennel, please let us know so we can have appropriate information available in case your pet needs to go to the vet in your absence.  

The staff at Hillside Veterinary Hospital wish you and your pets a safe and happy summer!

Written by Lori Vermeeren, RVT

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