Rehabilitation Stories - Part 5

In the fall of 2011 Trevor seemed to be in so much pain. Normally he would bounce with excitement at walk time – and never let me forget when it was time to go. But he started to limp, lost his bounce, and even ignored walk-time on occasion. I was beside myself with worry – what if we couldn’t control the pain? Unbidden thoughts about euthanasia came to mind in the wee hours of the night.

He was already on all the arthritis medication available, so the vet could only add more pain killers, but suggested seeing Dr. Abrioux for a mobility assessment – perhaps the rehab program could help.

In early December we were able to get into the rehab program at the Hillside Vet Hospital. After the very first treatment, I was able to see an improvement. What a relief.

An intensive period of rehab and chiropractic treatments was able to make a huge difference in Trevor’s comfort and mobility. After Christmas we started on a weekly schedule in the rehab program – walking in the warm-water treadmill, a bit of massage, and laser treatments. Walk time became joyful once again! We were up to 2.5 km by June.

I’ve learned about the importance of keeping strong muscles to hold our joints in place, otherwise arthritis worsens. He has had a couple of set backs, we’re not really sure why. But his quality of life is good and he is a happy dog. We are only going around a couple of blocks these days, but he often does little hops with excitement for his walks and has wags and smiles for all the neighbors.

Now he has a harness with handles so I can help him up and down the stairs. We are trying acupuncture and it seems to be helping as well. We can keep him comfortable without going to the next tier of pain medication – since that makes him so groggy there’s not a lot of bounce left.

– Caren, Trevor's Mom

Here's Trevor at the age of 14.5 and counting!


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