May is Pet Identification Month


Thousands of lost animals are taken into shelters every year and some may never make it back home because they can’t be identified. Microchipping gives owners the peace of mind knowing that this permanent pet identification technology is safe and can greatly improve the chances of reuniting you and your pet.

A microchip is an electronic identification that has its own unique code and is considered permanent. It is the size of a small grain of rice and is placed just under the skin and between the shoulder blades. This type of identification can be placed either while an animal is under anesthetic or while awake.

Main Reasons to Microchip:

  • Permanent pet identification that will last your pets lifetime

  • Best chance of recovering your pet if lost

  • Quick and minimal discomfort to place – some pets won’t even notice!

  • Works internationally

If you have any further questions about Microchipping, please let us know.

Side Box

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