A day in the life… Routine spays and neuters

Here at Hillside Veterinary Hospital we offer a wide range of services; we venture outside the normal spectrum of your ‘average’ veterinary hospital. On any given day we offer help to many sick and injured animals, perform involved orthopedic surgeries, and have a wide range of rehabilitative services such as chiropractic and acupuncture.

But not every day is out of the ordinary… in fact most days we have some very ‘routine’ things happening in our treatment room and surgical suite!

Meet Willow and Buddy… Willow is a 1 year old Doberman Pincher here for a routine spay, and Buddy is an 8 year old Golden Retriever here for a routine neuter. 

Both patients had pre-anesthetic bloodwork done in advance of their procedure and were dropped off by their owners on the morning of surgery. Willow and Buddy then had an exam by the surgeon, and were placed in a dog-run until it was their turn. An appropriate sedative was given, and shortly thereafter they were hooked up to IV fluids and prepped by our Registered Veterinary Technicians for general anesthetic and surgery.

After an uneventful procedure, Willow and Buddy both woke up under the care of our Vet Tech team, and were monitored closely until they were able to walk back to their dog-run.

Later in the afternoon Willow and Buddy had their vital signs and incisions checked one last time, went outside for a supervised bathroom break, and were offered a ‘lite lunch’.

Not only do spays and neuters help control the pet population, they also help prevent many conditions that affect the reproductive tract.

It was our pleasure to have these wonderful dogs in hospital with us!

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